Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lessons Learned from Animated Movies

I am an avid fan of animated movies. The good thing about watching animated movies is that you will feel good after watching one, and most of all you could learn something from it. This kind of movie is good in teaching kids to do good things and an effective reminder for adult viewers. I reckon that animated movies are more difficult to make than movies with real actors and actresses.

I am going to share to you the top 5 lessons I learned from the top 5 latest animated films I watched as of this date.

Animated Movie Title #1: Toy Story 3

Lesson Learned: Loyalty

I learned to never give up on somebody you love. You know sometimes we human tend to freak out that we said something wrong or we did something that would affect our love ones. And if we could understand this aspect of human being, we can learn how to never give up on the people we love. This is the values that “Woody” taught me in this movie. Unlike any other toys, only Woody believed that their owner Andy still love them even he is already 17 years old and after attempting to put them in the attic or donate to the foundation. With his effort, he and the other toys been through a lot of challenges just to be back with their real owner.

Favorite Line in the Movie:
I love what Andy said about Woody when he about to turn over him to the next owner. This is what he said:

Andy: “Woody, he’s been my pal for as long as I can remember. He’s brave, a cowboy should be, kind, smart. But the thing that makes Woody special is he’ll NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU. Never. He’ll be there for you, no matter what.”

Animated Movie Title #2: Megamind

Lesson Learned: Courage

Do not run from a fight, no matter what. Let’s put this of course into a non violence context. “Fight” here doesn’t always mean a battle or a bloody game. Although the fight in the movie is the literal battle, we can take this into higher level of understanding. It’s like fighting battles of life and challenges. Megamind is a known villain, but he was destined to be a hero and nobody can stop him to become one, even himself.  And since his destiny is to be a hero, he sucks at being a villain. No matter how genius his creations and weapons, he was always defeated by the good counterpart. But eventhough he always defeated by Metroman, he is always going for the fight, and this characteristic has turned Megamind from super villain into a super Hero.

Favorite Line in the Movie:

I like that part when Roxanne, the love interest of Megamind, sent out help message to the devastated Megamind. This I what she said:

Roxanne: “Megamind, I don’t even know if you are listening, but if you are, you can’t give up. The Megamind I knew would never have run from a fight, even when he knew that he absolutely no chance of winning. It was your best quality, and you need to be that guy right now. The city needs you, I need you.”

Animated Movie Title #3: Despicable Me

Lesson Learned from the movie: Honor

We always want to be honoured that we tend to do a whole lot of stuffs just to get our family’s attention or even the world. Well, we all want to make our mothers proud of us or our family in general. The character in this movie competes  to become a great villain because he wants to make his mother proud of him. The movie revolves around the challenge to become the greatest villain in the world. Whoever can shrunk the moon and steal it will get the credit of the evilest creature in the world. But things become different when he adopted three kids for the purpose of using them for his evil plan. The kids changed him from being evil into somebody good and a hero, and despite all the inventions and achievements in the evil society, his mom has never been proud of him, it is when he wonderfully raised his three adopted kids that made his mama proud of him. Sometimes we don’t need to really do tremendous things just to get the attention of our family. Our simple achievements and small kind acts are already enough to make them proud of us. You don’t need to be great just to be honoured.

Favorite Line in the Movie:

This is my favourite line the movie, that part when he is trying to device some ways to make his mama proud of him.

“Just that what you know mom, I’m about to do something. That’s what I want to be. Something very important, when you hear about it, you’re going to be very proud of me.”

Animated Movie Title #4: Legend of the Guardians

Lesson Learned: Believe in Dream

Now, I have to warn you that this is an owlful movie. Yeah, the story revolves around the owl kingdom. It’s just a usual story of good owls fighting against bad owls. The story that once lived in dream has turned into reality. This element of the movie tells us to never give up on what we believe. We do have a lot of dreams, impossible dreams, unreachable dreams and fictional dreams. But it is how we believe on it that made it real.

Favorite Line:

There’s a short but very powerful line in the movie and that is:

“There’s nothing wrong with dreams”

Animated Movie Title #5: Kung Fu Panda 2

Lesson Learned: Find your Inner Peace

It is the inner peace that would help us to become a better person. Each of us has our own battles, we have our own fights, and we have our own challenges. If we have strengths, we all have weaknesses and it is inevitable that sometimes our weakness will take over our strengths. The only way to win the fight amidst the weaknesses, personal issues and discouraging point is to find the inner peace. Let’s take a look within us and create the peace inside to overcome our struggles.

Favorite line in the movie:

I can’t forget the words of Master Shifu to Po:

“Remember Dragon Warrior, anything is possible when you have inner peace."

Friday, June 24, 2011

Highlighting Elements in the Movie Magnifico

Magnifico is a 2003 Filipino Independent Movie. This movie is the most if not one of the most beautiful movies in the Philippines. For me, I would rate the movie 9.98/10. Although I like every aspect of the movie, as a viewer, I still have my own “would be” scene. If I am the director of this movie, I would have added or edited the following elements in the movie:

1. The Wheelchair

If you have watched the movie, the reason why Magnifico died is because he was hit by a vehicle when he attempted to cross the highway to see Mang Domeng. And we all know the purpose of this meeting, Mang Domeng will about to tell Magnifico that he will give the wheelchair of his deceased mother to Helen. Helen is Magnifico's sister who is suffering from cerebral palsy, hence she can't walk. Mang Domeng was moved when he saw how Magnifico sacrificed in carrying his sister just to let her see how the "Perya" looks like. In the burial scene, Magnifico’s father is still carrying Helen. It would be good if the wheelchair has been included on that scene.  A scene to show Helen enjoying the comfort and convenience of the wheelchair should have been added.

Christian implication: 

This could be a perfect mirror of how Christ sacrificed for us. Just like Magnifico, Christ had carried all our cross so we may receive the gift of life. The freedom and the gifts that we are enjoying right now are the result of the sacrifices of Christ when he carried our cross to the Calvary. Just as Helen received the wheelchair to free her and her family from the burden of cerebral palsy, we have been freed from the bondage of sin.

2. The Herbal Medicine

That old lady that has been healed by Magnifico’s herbal medicine should have informed Magnifico’s family  that Magnifico’s herbal medicine has healed her. This could help the family start a new business to augment their income. If you can remember, Magnifico ask his grandmother to teach him how to make that herbal medicine to heal sore throat, so it’s the grandmother who knew the correct solution for that herbal medicine. If people knew about how effective it was, they would not suffer buying expensive medicines. And of course, this would help Magnifico’s family as this could be a source of another income.

 Christian Implication:

Jesus is our Healer, and by healer we don’t limit him as physical healer. He healed us not only from our physical aspect, but also our spiritual and emotional aspect. We too can heal somebody. We all have the capability to heal somebody by just tapping them at the back, by giving compliments or by showing our priceless smile. That’s what Christ would like us to do. He wants us healed, and he wants us heal others. So let's share the healing that Christ's left as a legacy for all of us.

3. The Rubik’s cube

At the end of the story, Magnifico’s father found out that his son was able to solve the rubik’s cube. Now, I think this part is impossible. Magnifico’s father said he tried to solve the puzzle for almost one year but could barely able to do that. We know that solving a rubiks cube requires pattern and if you could not follow the pattern, you could not solve it. Now, how did Magnifico learn that pattern? It would be good if Magnifico solved the rubiks cube by painting it. Since he used paints to decorate his grandmother’s coffin, that element could have been used. This is to signify that some problems could be difficult to solve as we don’t know how to solve it, but there are some alternatives. Not all problems can be solved by conventional patterns, and I believe this is exactly the whole theme of the story.

Christian Implication: 

Magnifico did not only solve the rubik’s cube, but he solved the problem of his family. And not only his family, but the community. Christ died on the cross to do the same mission. That is to free us from the problem, and that problem is sin. He freed us from sin, he solved the problem of the world.

Nevertheless, Magnifico is must-watched movie. You can realize, learn and value life. I hope we can make more movies like this.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Watch Out for Yeng Constantino’s Live Version 4th Album

After winning several awards in the recently concluded MYX music awards and after her successful stint in the music industry in the year 2010, Yeng Constantino is set to continue enticing us with her music this year 2011. The previous three albums of Yeng Constantino entitled Journey, Salamat and Lapit have been a household name to all of us. Every release of her new singles dominates the radio airwaves. We all can relate to her music that’s why we love her and all her songs.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Filipino Folk Beliefs on Death and Funeral (Based on the Movie "Deds na si Lolo")

I just recently watched the independent produced filipino movie Deds na si Lolo. It is a family oriented movie capturing the life and drama of an ordinary Filipino family amidst the funeral of the deceased father. The bereaved family in the movie has their own issues and conflicts, but what made me so much entertained with the movie is the rich culture it depicts regarding death and funerals.

Throughout the movie, I have learned 12 folk beliefs of Filipino regarding death and funeral. We may not be aware of this, but these myths are according to ancient Filipino people. Let's learn about these folk beliefs based on the movie "Deds na si Lolo"

1. Members of the family are prohibited to help carry the coffin of the deceased.

You should just let other people do it like your neighbor or the funeral service. Any member of the family must refrain from helping in carrying the coffin or else they will become ill and die.

2. Cut the rosary on the hand of the dead.

Because we are so much devoted of our religion, we always send out rosary on the dead. You should cut that rosary to stop the consecutive death in the family.

3. Put money on the hand of the dead and take it back before you bury it.

It is believed that if you put money on the hand of the deceased, that money would be lucky. So for the whole duration of the funeral, you must put money on the hand of the dead and take it back before the interment.

4. Don't wear red on the funeral.

According to the ancestors, dead people are afraid of color red, so it is a big NO to wear something red in attending the funeral.

5. Cover kids with red blanket.

Since dead people are afraid of red, you must cover your children with color red when sleeping so they won't be haunted by the soul of the dead.

6. Do not take a bath in the vicinity of the funerals.

If you could not stand it and you really need to take a bath, then go to your neighbor's house and take a bath there.

7. Do not usher your visitors who attended the funeral outside the house.

We filipinos are so hospitable that we used to usher our visitors when they about to go home. If there's a funeral, you should not do that. So I guess you need to take aside the hospitable aspect on this case.

8. Don't sweep the house when there is a funeral.

For the whole duration of the funeral, it is a big NO NO to sweep. If you want to clean, just pick it up. NO sweeping allowed.

9. Put chick on the coffin.

This one is only applicable for those who died in a crime. You must put a chick on the coffin and put some rice grains on it. It is believed that everytime the chick pick a grain of rice, the suspect will feel guilty.

10. Break a pot after the coffin is removed from the area for interment and clean immediately.

I don't know what is the purpose of breaking a pot but I guess it is just like breaking the curse of death.

11. If you met a funeral march on the street, throw some coins or money.

Throwing coins on the funeral march that you met along the way will make you rich.

12. Let kids cross over the coffin before burying the dead.

The child member of the family must cross over the coffin of the dead before burying it so the soul won't haunt the kid.

Whether it is true or just pure myth, these folk beliefs are already a part of Filipino culture. It is on these folk beliefs lies the rich culture of our tradition.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Help Stop Mining in Palawan

I haven’t been to Palawan, I haven’t experienced Palawan for my entire life here on earth yet. But I know that Palawan is a paradise, it's a treasure and this is something we should preserve. Palawan is not owned by the government, it is not even owned by the people of Palawan, and nobody owned it. Palawan belongs to the next generation. We owe this to them and we should always make sure that the children of our children could be able to witness and experience the beauty of this Paradise. This is not a promise but a responsibility. Everyone of us is responsible in protecting Palawan.

But because of it's beauty and natural vast richness, Palawan is now on the verge of danger. Some greedy people would like to destroy Palawan by the senseless mining just to get golds and other minerals that could earn them money. Now is the time for us to stand against this evil plan. Help save Palawan by joining the force against mining.

All you have to do to help the campaign is to sign the "Stop Mining in Palawan" campaign. The goal is to get 10 Million signatures and as of writing this, there are 1, 225, 828 signatures already. This is roughly more than 10% of the goal yet, but I'm sure that if we are going to stand together on this campaign, that 10 million signatures could be attained. Your signature is important and that could make a difference. If you want to sign for this campaign, just go to and fill up the form to sign up.

Please watch this music video for Palawan. Two of my favorite artists in the music industry, Yeng Constantino and Gloc 9, features Palawan in this latest single.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Working in Uniform

In a corporate world, it is important that you can be able to showcase not only your skills and ability but also your professional attitude and training. One of the best ways to become really a true professional is by wearing your working uniform. Not all institutions and companies require their employees to wear a uniform. But there are some institutions where wearing uniform is deemed necessary. Here are the top 5 institutions where wearing uniform is a must.

1. Schools

Educational institutions in all levels require students and teachers to wear their uniform. It is good for a school to require their students to wear uniform so that they can be easily identified even they are outside of the premises of the school. Teachers are also required to wear their own uniform. You know that there are a lot of people in the school and the uniform could easily help us identify the teachers, janitors, students and other personnels. Some vocational and training schools do not require students to wear uniforms, but at least they require teachers to have their own uniform.

2. Hospitals

You go to the hospital and you will see nurses wearing nursing scrubs and other medical apparels. These medical heroes are wearing uniform not only to make the hospital look good but also for identification purposes. Through their uniforms, you can identify the nurses, the doctors and the nurses in training. A nurse must be able to start their discipline in wearing uniform. There are a lot of good shops out there where you can buy your nursing uniform. You can check on for this stuffs.

3. Malls

If you are working in sales, you must always make sure that you always look at your best. You should look convincing even by just wearing your uniform. The uniform signifies your authority to deal with the customers. Selling is a formal deal and you must wear the uniform prescribed by the company to become a professional and effective sales personnel.

4. Airlines

When I think of an airline, the first thing that comes into my mind are the flight attendants and personnels. The uniform that they are wearing is a sure win. The reason why flight attendants and flight personnels look good and professional is because of the sophisticated and well-designed uniform that they are wearing.

5. Military forces

The uniform of our security personnels help us identify their rankings. Police and other security officers are better off with their uniform because their uniform can represent sense of authority over peace and security. Through their uniform, we can also easily find them if we need them.

You see, there are great purposes why employees are required to wear uniforms. It is not only for display purposes but also for professional reasons.