Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Scribbled Messages from Happy Morning Rushers

When was the last time you wrote a message to somebody using your own handwriting? With the advent of technology, parang halos lahat nagiging automated na. I remember when I was in grade school, I used to write letters to friends na nasa malayo. Since it’s a snail mail, usually, makakarating yong sulat 3 days after and you really have to visit the post office just to send or get your mails. SO if you want to greet a Happy Birthday to a friend na nasa ibang lugar, you need to send your letter 3 days before. Pero ngayon, you can send messages in an instant. May twitter, Facebook, Plurk, text and skype.

The reason why I am talking about this is because I realize wala pa rin makakatalo sa sulat kamay. I mean, you can really feel the message if it is scribbled by hands. Yong tipong kahit halos di mo na maintindihan pero feel na feel mo pa rin yong emotion. Example ko na lang yong The Morning Rush Book na pinadala ni @jrhyan, a fellow rusher from Manila. I’m excited to receive this not because of the book since I already bought a copy of this last year pa and even read it for the nth time ( if you want to know more about the book, check it here), I’m excited because Chico, Delle and Gino (the hosts of The Morning Rush radio show) and some of the rushers scribbled their message for me on some of the pages. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to @jrhyan for the effort and the rest of the Davaorushers @Rawrph and @xiongpagong for making this possible.

Actually, the people who scribbled messages on this book are my fellow rushers (Mga adik sa The Morning Rush radio show) and I am communicating with them on almost daily basis, so we can actually exchange messages like this through Twitter if we want. Pero iba kasi yong naka Scribbled, parang something special. I didn’t meet them yet in person because of the location, but we treat each other as brothers and sisters since we only have one goal and that is to laugh and create positive vibe every morning. Iba kasi yong umaga pa lang tumatawa ka na, and we all agreed on this aspect, that’s why I would like to call them HAPPY RUSHERS and I am proud I am one of them. I would like to share the positive vibe to all my readers by sharing my co-rushers scribbled messages for me.

And of course, I can’t finish this blog post without sharing the message from Chico, Delle and Gino.
I will forever be happy; therefore, I will forever be a rusher. Brotherhood and sisterhood could not only achieved by going through hazing. If you want to be a morning rusher, the only requirement is BE HAPPY and you’re in.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Schooldays Struggles

I visited Grandmother’s house last weekend and I saw this dusty and dull box in one corner of the house. It contains notebooks, papers, folders and what not. It looks familiar to me, so I checked it and found out those were my schooldays notes.

I hauled the content of the box to reminisce schooldays but instead of being overwhelmed by my past, I was frustrated and depressed for five seconds because I realized that I am a self proclaimed trying hard art enthusiast slash essay moron slash lousy grade school/high school/college student. I swear I wanted to burn the box right away because I know my future kids wouldn’t be proud of this. But the other side of my brain said I should keep it for the sake of memories.

This post would degrade me personally, emotionally and professionally, but I just want to share anyway. Here’s the pessimistic side of me writing about my glitches and struggles as a student. 
1. I suck at Essay

I’ve read all my college and high school essays and now I know the reason why I always got low scores for my essays during school days. Aside from grammar issues, I can’t seem to find the main point on my writings. Those were the days when my basis of a good essay is the number of words. The more words, the better, and it end up pointless because some concept and some unnecessary words had been repeated just to come up with a paper-filled-with-words essay.

 2. I have the worst handwriting in the world

I remember the days when I envied my classmates who can write neat and well literally. I even tried to buy the same brand of ballpen and pencil that my “Best in Writing” classmate used for the belief that I could also write as good as her. But No, Nada, Never, Aniyiyo…..my handwriting never improved at all. I almost cried when I saw these papers and notebooks. I couldn’t even understand my own handwriting. 

3. Art is my Forte…..NOT

I saw this folder project for our art subject when I was sophomore and I almost cried. I wanted to cry not because I remember those good old days, but because it reminds me how I struggled just to complete that art compilation folder and pass the 0.5 unit art subject. Would you believe that these artworks are made by a second year high school guy?

 4. I’m a cover page sissy

You know that cover page of a project where you need to write your name and the name of the teacher and specify what project is that for? We used to do it manually when I was in High School because computer printer does not yet exist during that time. If I could remember, the only printer we had that time is a dot matrix printer which is not ideal for a cover page because it’s not colorful. So when I saw these cover pages, I just laughed because they’re too girly. Look at these:

And they all looooookkkk baaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddd!!!!.....

I read somewhere that if you want to be happy with your life, you must have to accept everything about yourself including the “not-so-likeable” ones. We are all not perfect and at one point in our life, we ponder on things that we don’t like about ourselves. But some things like my handwriting could never be changed and the only way to become happy with it is just to grasp and accept it. The important thing is that I tried, and I never stopped doing it. If you will let me do it now, I swear I can still write and draw the same way as before. Because I can’t do it well doesn’t mean I should not do it.  That’s the work of my hand, and I’m proud of it regardless of whether it’s good or not.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lumayo Ka Nga sa Akin by Bob Ong- A Book Review (NOT)

I read the latest book of Bob Ong entitled “Lumayo Ka nga sa Akin” out of curiosity. I’m curious about what kind of story he can offer this time and in what manner would he share his sentiments and predicaments about the social, political and “whatever-ical” issues in the Philippines.

Judging the book through its TITLE, it sounds like a rehash of the famous song “Lumayo ka man sa akin” with only one word difference. And you can only fully understand why Bob Ong used this title after you read the book.

The content of the book is all about rehash, rehash and rehash. This is not a novel, not an essay and not even a book. This is a movie script (NOT). It looks like a movie script but it also looks like not a movie script. Ok, I know, this is so confusing.

The book is divided into three parts, meaning, a trilogy. And just like any trilogy, each part has its own title and genre.

The first part of the book is entitled “Bala sa Bala, Kamao sa Kamao, Satsat sa Satsat”

Judging from the title, it is obvious that this is an action movie. This is the story about a poor leading man who fell in love with a rich-celebrity leading lady. The poor guy saved the rich girl’s life and I think I don’t need to elaborate further because the story is quite familiar and predictable.

Poor guy meet rich girl. Poor guy saves rich girl’s life. Poor guy fell in love with the rich girl, and vice versa. Poor guy and rich girl fought the goons and the bullies together. And they live happily ever after. Is there something new?
Within the script, the author squeezes in his opinion about how gullible Filipinos are when it comes to watching movie. Movie goers still enjoy watching movies with over rated concept. It also reflects how we are affected by media. Bob Ong sounds sarcastic here but I love the facts that he stated.

The Second part of the book is entitled “Shake, Shaker, Shakest”.

You would not surprise if this is a horror story. A rehash of the never ending part of Shake, Rattle and Roll. A story of a family trapped in a haunted house and haunted by CGIs and special effects and make ups and what not…You know this, Im sure you know about the story. LOL
In this part of the book, the author revealed some truth about SOCIAL MEDIA (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), Radio stations and reality show. This pertains to the youth, about how these elements influenced the new generation and how these influences shape up their personalities.

The Third part is “Asawa ni Marie”.

This is a telenobela. A mixture of Mexicanobela, Koreanobela, fantaserye and love story of course. And telenobela is not without bida and kontrabida and love team and I’m sure you also know about this.
Here, the author talks about how commercialism ruled the media. Because of the commercialism, the art of media has been compromised. We lost focus on the value of the movie or the show because we need to give way to brands and products because they can offer something that the viewers could not, and that is money. As a viewer, we can watch TV shows for free but we are also paying them with the time we spent watching those annoying TV commercial because this is where producers of the show earn.

To support my trying hard review, I have consolidated here the top 10 phrases from each part which made me say “TOMOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!”. I hope Bob Ong would not mind if I’m going to post parcel of his book here.

Scenes From “Bala sa Bala, Kamao sa Kamao, Satsat sa Satsat”

1. “…Kung walang slapstick, walang matatawa sa palabas natin. Hindi kasi kayang iprocess ng utak ng mga Pilipino  ang wit sa dialogue at humor sa mga eksena, kaya kailangan pisikal ang mga patawa: bibilisan ang galaw ng mga karakter para maging kengkoy, may madudulas, madadapa, o kaya malalaglag.”

2. “Ang kapal naman ng mukha niyang tawagin tayong “brown monkey”! Sino ba siya? Tapos tatawagin pa niyang ghastly ang Maynila at kukutyain ang mga Pilipino dahil “dog eaters”daw tayo? Sige nga, patunayan niya ngang pipitsugin ang mga doctor at nurse sa Pilipinas..o yong sinsasabi nyang bayan ng mga katulong! Dahil taga Hollywood sya, akala nya palulusutin natin sya sa mga racial slur at discrimination nya. Mahiya nga sya sa mga Pilipino, ang kapal nya. Kahit ganito tayo, ipinagmamalaki natin kung sino tayo.”

3. “Tuwing kailangan natin ng source of pride, gumagawa lang tayo ng pinakamahaba, pinakamalaki, at pinakapinaka na maisasali natin sa Guinness World Record!”

4. “Kung alam ko lang na pwersado rin akong magtratrabaho nang ganito, nagsikap na lang sana ako sa eskwelahan nung bata ako. Parehas lang naman palang nakakapagod. At least, pag nag aral ka, may pag asa pang magkaroon ng magandang kinabukasan at makatulong sa iba.”

5. “Kung gusto mo matawa, dapat paminsan minsan, magpakababaw ka rin. Wag nga lang sosobra.”

6. “Yan yong mali sa tinatawag na "cool factor". para maging "in" ka, dapat magustuhan mo yung gusto ng iba. Pero pag sobrang dami na ng may gusto, dapat umayaw ka na naman dahll maigiging jologs ka na. Dapat kakaiba lagi ang gusto mo, para kunyari iba ka.”

7. “Isipin mong maigi, tama naman sila diba? Kung mga Amerikano ang kakausapin mo,dapat lang na tama lang na tama kang mag English at maayos talaga ang pagsasalita mo….Dapat tunog Amerikano ka rin magsalita!”

8. “Meron talagang mga basurang pelikula, kanta, libro, magazine, at kung ano ano pa na nagpipigil sa pag unlad ng sining sa bansa. Pero hindi lahat ng inaakala mong korni, e korni. Minsan ikaw lang din talaga ang walang sense of humor at may diperensya, siguro dahil sa pinipilit mong maging iba.”

9. "As I was saying, the problem is ginagaya ng mga kabataan ng lahat sa media. May abs ang idol nila, gusto nila sila rin meron. Sexy ang mga young star, dapat sila rin. What they don't realize is kabuhayan ng mga idol nila ang magpaganda."

10. "Kung sabagay, sa games ka lang naman nangma-massacre. Sa totoong buhay, mapapakinabangan mo ang skills na yan sa nation building at sa pagpapabuti ng ginagalawan nating mundo"

Scenes from “Shake, shaker, shakest”

1. “Pinoy horror ito. Anuman ang mangyari sa atin, nangyari na rin sa Asian at Hollywood movies. Translation lang tayo, kaya wala kang dapat ikatakot”.

2. “Galing sa aginaldo at napamaskuhan ng mga bata ang kikitain natin. Kung gusto mong pang award na palabas, lumipat ka doon sa kaisa isang pelikula na my kwenta pero walang kita.”

3. “Produkto ng reality show, hindi ng talent contest. Hindi siya sumikat dahil magaling siyang artista, naging artista sya dahil sikat siya.”

4.“Walang matinong radio station na magsasara kung meron pa silang listeners. Malamang, yung mga listeners na nanghihinayang sa pagkawala ng matitinong radio station e yung mga pampalengke rin kasing istasyon ang totoong pinakikinggan.”

5. “Alam mo namang hindi kumpleto ang umaga ko pag hindi ako pinag aalmusal ng TV ng mga balita tungkol sa natagpuang bangkay, karumal dumal na murder, freak accidents sa highway at mga snatcher na binugbog ng taumbayan na sinasabayan ng pagbati ng mga host ng show ng Magandang Umaga.”

6. “Ang TV, para ring drugs, pero legal. Isipin mo,bakit isa ito sa mga unang-unang ipinupundar ng mga Pilipino kahit gaano sila kahirap? Kasi malaking tulong ang telebisyon para lumimot. Para tumakas sa realidad. Kahit mag isa ka lang sa buhay, nababawasan ang lungkot kung may TV. nakakatanggal buryong kung wala kang trabaho. Mas entertaining kaysa sa Dyaryo, at mas accessible kaysa sa sine. pwede ring tagapag alaga ng mga anak mo. Pwedeng ulam kung sakto lang budget pambili ng bigas. At pwedeng bintana kung parang bartolina lang ang tirahang tinutulugan ng mag anak mo, dahil may maganda itong lugar at magagandang tao. kumpleto sa sayawan, kantahan, tawanan, pantasya at boksing. Burado ang mga suliranin mo. Pag sinuswerte ka, pwede ka pang manalo.”

7. “Kung ano ang nakikita at naririnig natin sa araw araw, nagiging yon tayo. Kinokondisyon tayo ng mga partalastas na hindi tayo masaya, na laging may kulang sa buhay natin. Tatlo ang magulang ng henerasyon natin. Ang tatay, ang nanay, at ang mga patalastas o media. Kaya kung mahina yung dalawang nauna, naagawan sila ng ikatlo sa pagpapalaki sa bata.”

8. “Sobrang ikli na rin ng mga attention span. Kaya kahit ang mismong internet at mga cellphone ay nagiging instrumento na lang ng pagpapakalat ng misquoations at maling impormasyon. kung ano yung tamaan ng mata nila, 'yon na 'yon. FOrward at share kaagad ng kung ano-anong mga hindi naman nila nauunawaan.”

9. “Lahat na lang ng talent contest ngayon, may monologue ng panelist. Namimiss ko na yung format dati na walang epaloids, yung puro contestant lang ang nasa TV. Gusto ko ulit yong patas na laban, yung talent sa contest at hindi yung drama.”
10.    “Pero ang tinatawag mong mangmang ang totoong pwersa ng bayan. Sila ang mas nakakarami. Sila ang nagluluklok ng pangulo ninyo”

Scenes from Asawa ni Marie

1. ”Ang mga Pilipino kasi, hindi pwedeng mabuhay sa planetang basta may oxygen lang. Dapat bawat isang mentrong espasyo, may tindang candy at mga sachet ng kung ano na pwedeng pitikin lang kahit saan pag ubos na.”

2. “Mga tauhan kami sa love story, tulad mo. Lahat tayo may love triangle. Sa ganito lagi umiikot ang kwento. Pag ginawan ng diagram ang characters, makakabuo ka ng higanteng pyramid ng mga taong naghahabol, hinahabol at mga magkakaribal. Mahihirapan kang maghanap ngayon ng soap opera na walang elemento ng love triangle.”

3. “Pero sa Pilipino, magloloko ang teenager, bubuo ng pamilya...pero hindi aalis sa poder ng magulang hanggang magkapo. Kuhang kuha natin ang mga katarantaduhan ng Hollywood, pero hindi ang kaunting pagiging responsable ng mga kanluraning bansa sa isyu ng pagtayo sa sariling paa.”

4. “Kontrabida ako. Lahat ng gusto ng ibang tao, akin.”

5. “Matagal na nating napagkasunduan nab obo ang mga manonood. At wala naman sa kanilang nagrereklamo”

6. “Pelikula na tayo, patalastas pa. Two in one! Tama ka. Wala tayong delikadesa. Puro kita, komeryalismo, at pera pera lang ang usapan. Wala na tayong paggalang sa sining man o sa manonood.”

7. “Masyadong mabilis ang takbo ng mga Korean at Mexican telenovela sa TV, iiwan tayo ng mga manonood kung mabagal ang pacing natin.”

8. “Alam mo bang dahil sa star mentality kaya tayo nagkaroon ng mga basurang palabas? Nawawalan ng silbi ang magagaling na artista dahil napupunta ang mga trabaho sa mga star na may pinakamaraming fans! Pinapatay ng komersyalismo ang sining na siya ring dapat bumubuhay sa mga negosyante at ordinaryong tao sa industriya natin.”

9. “Hindi mo pa rin matanggap na kilala tayo dati sa mga de kalidadna pelikula. Nag umpisa lang tayong bumagsak nang maisipan ng mga negosyanteng mamemelikula na mas malaki ang kita sa mga blockbuster na basura. Pero hindi nila naisip na balang araw ay magsasawa rin ang mga tao sa basura, at sa panahong yon, huli na ang lahatr para sa mga basurero. Nalapa na ng komersyalismo ang sining. Kaya utot na lang nito ang nilalanghap natin ngayon.”

10. “Ako ang naghihiganti, ako ang bida”